Franchising: All you need to know

Franchising Support

Consultation and advice regarding the location and suitability of the chosen location.

Developments with a modification of the existing line to suit local styles.

Opening support with Full training of personnel.

Providing of training manuals as well as operating manuals.

Standard specifications and guidelines including Furnishings, interior design - decor, layout and Fascia signs .

Consultation and advice in installing relevant equipment to meet the Franchisor's specs and requirements.

Advice on initial advertising campaign like ads material that considers appropriate, followed by a detailed marketing plan .

Franchising Concept

What does the Future mean for Al Hakaya?

One of our Vision is based on ‘Expansion and Growth’ through ‘Franchising’.
We at Al Hakaya believe ‘Franchising’ is the most prevalent structure For developing a business today.

Franchising is mostly a trend for new marketers and the chance for franchising is evolving and gaining momentum. This is particularly mirrored in the rising number of local and international “Franchisors” in the world as well as a similarly growing awareness on the Franchise Front by fascinated individuals that is eager to obtain a Franchise and start up their own outlet of operations. It is pleasantly clear that “Franchising” is destined to become the business of the new era, and thus for the Fascinated party to Find the right Franchise will be hard work since there are so many concerns to study, selections to make, and queries to ask.

The Arab world is Fast becoming more interested in “Franchising” when it comes to this industry; hence, to be Fruitful in Franchising, it is vital to recognize the advantages of “Franchising” in broad-spectrum.

Franchising Program

At Al Hakaya, we take pride in offering one of the most reasonable, well structured Franchise programs in the region. A training platform is specially planned to meet the requirements of the prospective Franchisees in order to manage an effective operation.

We have 3 things to offer to properly support our franchisee.

• We offer a 12 Week Training
• Support and
• Store Layout


To assist the operator in familiarizing the day-to-day necessities of the new shop, including a specific period of owner's simulation, which you operate our branch store as if it is your own.


Is offered through the KanaFany Original SweetsTM International team that covers management, operations, marketing, human capital and financial advice.


Our Architects and Engineers will assist in the layout, interior design and Fixtures to complete your own Franchise branch.