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Al Hakaya “For Lovers of Magical Sessions” is a member of Makaseb Group of Companies that was established in 2017. It is a hospitality and restaurant business that is inspired by the ancient and original heritage of the Levant countries. The restaurant also specializes in finest Arabic, Lebanese, and Levantine cuisines that are freshly cooked and served daily. Al Hakaya offers a wide range of food choices to satisfy you from breakfast to dinner. This includes Mezza, Salads, Fattet, Crock Pots, Baked, Sandwiches, home made frying pan dishes, and may more!


We exist to create “Magical Sessions” and delightful memories by excellently serving our guests the authentic, finest, and freshly cooked Arabic, Lebanese, and Levantine cuisine inspired by the ancient and original heritage of the Levant countries.


We prospect a world where we spread the Magical Sessions in every home in every country by expanding and growing through franchising. Promoting Middle Eastern Food and realizing the full potential of healthy and freshly cooked foods that are served excellently.

Hakaya Alhara’s Brand Identity

Al Hakaya branding is focused on representing the finest kitchen, high end restaurant, warm and preserved. The colors are green and brown that speak for being organic, natural, healthy ingredients while the touch of brown evokes a sense of strength, comfort, relaxation, and nurture the warmness of the environment.